… this website looks like crap. It has no pizzazz, no panache. I see some of those really successful lifestyle blogs with their pretty pictures and professionally designed layouts and think to myself, “self, there is no possible way you could ever compete with that.”

I mean here I am, it is about midnight. I’m in the back of a motorhome heading south on my way to Florida. I had 2.5 hours sleep before I left my hotel room in western Pennsylvania where I work as a travel nurse. From there I drove 3.5 hours home, loaded up the RV and head out. This was after working 5 twelve hour shifts in six days.

I’m exhausted but I’m trying to type a blog post sitting on a bed in the back of said RV traveling down the road at about 70 mph. How could i possibly compete with the pretty blogs? My sad little boring blog with no content and very little style.

The simple answer is I can’t. At least not like this. But herein lies the rub, it doesn’t have to stay ugly and boring forever.

Here is another thing to face. Life is messy. I attempted to start this blog a year ago, had made some progress on it and then WHACK!!! That is the sound of life hitting me upside the head with a baseball bat. Right in the temple, causing a year of dizziness, fogginess and nausea. It came in the form of a phone call at about 2 in the morning, telling me my mom, my best friend had died.

But now its time to just start. Start again, start creating, start polishing and start making things pretty. Not all at once. Just one day at a time. Kind of like i’ve made it through the last year. The important thing is to just start and don’t stop. Don’t stop improving, creating and making things pretty. Maybe someday I will be able to compete.

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