This blog has been a work in progress for quite awhile now. Life has so far managed to derail my progress. But I’m dogged and continue to persevere. I’ve been reflecting on the purpose of this blog and among several different things I have come up with is part confession and part therapy. In order to serve those purposes I have to publish a little “thinking out loud”. In that spirit I’ve decided to do some periodic updates and develop a habit of daily writing. So here’s what’s going on in my world.

Off to the Races

Busy week, as always, my husband and I spent the weekend with my father and good friends at Eldora Speedway. It’s a dirt track in Rossburg, Ohio near the Indiana state line. We go every year for the Outlaw Sprint Car King’s Royal weekend. We had a really good time and saw some really good racing. Bet you didn’t know a HippieBohoChic kind of gal could be a dirt track fan!

Cucumbers and More Cucumbers!

I am up to my eyeballs in cucumbers. I’m working on 2 different types of pickles. A new recipe for sweet pickles and dill pickles. I’ll try to get a post written with technique and recipe in the next week. Pickles are a great way to try home canning. They can be done in small batches and because they are a high acidity food, you don’t need to pressure can them.

Other Garden Harvests

I’ve got some cabbage that I need to take off, plus I got some more from the local Amish and I need to get my crock of sauerkraut started. It will take about 4 weeks to ferment. This one is a little intimidating, even for me at first, but I have successfully made it in the past. It is so much better than store bought. I’m going to try and document the process.

Tomatoes will be the next thing on the list, they are starting to ripen and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in them quick enough! Until the next update, ciao!


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