January is most famous for making New Year’s’ resolutions. You know promises to lose weight, exercise 5 days a week, be more financially responsible, quit smoking, spend more time with family. Usually by Valentine’s day you have gained 3 pounds, are going to the gym maybe 2 days a week, or splurged on a new handbag. I know because I’ve done it. Made resolutions and failed to keep them.

This year I’m not making a single resolution. Instead I’m making my January all about organization. That’s right, organization. Instead of promising to do, I’m just going to start doing.

Some of you are thinking, aren’t we supposed to do that in the spring? Isn’t that the time of year to clean out the basement and garage and have a yard sale? You can do that too, but what I’m talking about is organizing so much more. I’m talking about organizing my life and environment.

I started off the year with a bang by organizing my pantry on New Year’s Eve. The previous weekend we had celebrated the Christmas holiday with my husband’s extended family. With siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and the announcement of a new grand-nephew (so excited) there were 23 for dinner. Not only was the house overflowing with food, but my butler’s pantry was so overflowing I couldn’t shut the door! What a mess. I was so embarrassed.

Monday morning I got busy decluttering and organizing the shelves. I took the opportunity to make a useable space instead of a room where I threw stuff just to get it out of the way. The result is something I still smile about every time I open the door.

Email is another huge area that many people need an organizational overhaul. I’m receiving over 100 emails a day and I don’t read any of them. Everyone wants your email address so they can send notices, offers, etc. It’s gotten even worse because I have taken over all my Dad’s affairs. Since he doesn’t have email, it all comes to my inbox!

I went through and unsubscribed to any email that was just a promotional opportunity like a sale or coupon. I also changed the settings on my social media so I wouldn’t get an email for everything. I get the same notifications in the app, why get it in my email as well? I was also on lists for newsletters and blogs that I just don’t have an interest in anymore. I unsubscribed to those as well.

The final thing I have done is to organize my garden. At least my seed collection. Every gardener knows the seed catalogs start arriving in January. I got my Baker Creek Seed Catalog just the other day. In order to plan my 2019 order I need to know what I have left over from 2018.  I dug out all the leftover seed, made a list or what I had and arranged them in a logical order.

I have a lot more stuff that needs to be organized. Much of it is in the form of projects that need completion. Maybe that should be my real New Year’s resolution, finishing all the projects that I have started or planned. For that I need to be successful at the mother of all organizational chores, organizing my time.

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